DINES INCORPORATED is the destination brokerage for condominium listings in downtown Madison.  We provide our sellers with current market data and help them understand how their property fits within the portfolio of downtown listings.  Our 4-step approach to listing and selling condominium homes includes:

1) ASSESS YOUR PROPERTY  We collect information about the characteristics of your home, and then compare it to other similar properties to understand your competition.

2) REVIEW YOUR GOALS Every owner has a different motivation to sell.  That motivation will help determine how aggressively the property is marketed. We discuss your needs and expectations to best formulate a market list price and selling strategy.

3) VALUE THE PROPERTY We analyze your property using several factors, including:  a) price/sq.ft. of active and recently sold homes, b) unique saleable features, c) inventory within your price point, and d) current city-assessed value.  Then we provide an estimated price range within which your home may sell.  

4) LIST & SELL THE PROPERTY We prepare a marketing plan and develop talking points for your property to best position you for sale in the market.